Color Inspiration: Purple!

May 23, 2011 § Leave a comment

Whether you call it amethyst, eggplant, violet, or wine. Purple is a rich, mysterious color, and is associated with both nobility and spirituality. The opposites of hot red and cool blue combine to create this intriguing color.

Did you know:
• Purple was the color of the first dye made by man. It was called “Mauveine” and was made out of coal tar. The recipe was discovered by William Henry Perkin in 1856.
• Purple is the color of mourning for widows in Thailand.
• Purple was the favorite color of Egypt’s Cleopatra and has been traditionally associated with royalty in many cultures. Purple robes were worn by royalty and people of authority or high rank.
• The Purple Heart is a U.S. Military decoration given to soldiers wounded in battle.
• In Christianity, purple is associated with Advent and Lent. Catholic priests wear purple vestments before performing Reconciliation.
• Even in U.S. politics, a state with equal distribution of Republicans and Democrats is referred to as a “purple state.”
• Purple is the color of the highest denomination poker chip = $5,000.

– Beth Barron
Graphic Designer

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