Reanimate a Lifeless Website with Video!

October 31, 2013 § Leave a comment


Is your website bewitching, or is it as lifeless as a ghost town?

If nothing has changed for two or three years, it may be time to bring it back from the grave.

Livening up your website doesn’t have to be a frightening specter.  If your time and budget won’t cover a full top-to-bottom revamp, or your site is basically in good shape, you can refresh it by adding some new material.

A good way to keep clients spellbound and coming back for more is adding new content through video.

Clips of moving, breathing people literally put life into your site.  We all take subconscious cues from others’ voices and body language, so video messages can help engender trust.  A personal greeting by the company president on your Home or About Us page creates a feeling of connectedness for the viewer.  The sincerity in a customer’s testimonial jumps off the webpage when you witness the words direct from that person’s mouth.

You can offer value to your customers with instructional videos.  Show them, step by step, how to set up or use your product or service, or give them creative new ways to use it.

A quick and easy way to add video to your site is to post TV commercials, either your company’s ads or those of your sponsors.  Ads tend to stick with viewers longer when they’re seen through multiple types of media.

Keep in mind that viewers have short attention spans.  A greeting or testimonial probably doesn’t need to be longer than a minute, and in most cases 15-30 seconds is ample.  A company overview or instructional video may be longer depending on the topic – just keep it moving.
Click here for an example of an instructional video.

There’s no need for your website to be buried in a crypt of inattentiveness – simply add some new video, and it will come alive!

To show that video can be fun, here’s a little Halloween treat we put together for you. Enjoy!


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