Video is Hotter Than Ever

June 27, 2013 § Leave a comment


Video has a way of connecting with customers that static media can’t always achieve.  While there is a place for each form of communication, uses for video are more expansive than ever.

Aside from Google, YouTube is the most used Internet destination.

There are several reasons for the popularity of video:

• It provides a more sensory experience allowing the viewer to see and hear the message.

• It gives the brain what it automatically seeks ­­­– faces and voices to read for authenticity of message and emotional connection.

• It allows more information to be delivered more quickly.

Web distribution offers greater freedom over traditional broadcast.  Online video doesn’t have to be confined to just a thirty second television commercial.  More than ever before, Quest Group is assisting clients in utilizing video to promote their businesses as new opportunities for its use are created everyday.

Are you using any of these avenues to enhance your company’s presence in the market?

• Company overviews or product descriptions can be imbedded in your website.

• Do you have a YouTube site?  It is a great location for posting instructional and educational videos as well as your television commercials.

• Is your sales team leaving behind a packet of written material, or a video of your product in action?  A customer testimonial is even more believable when delivered on video.

• What do your customers see at your place of business?  Do you have ATM machines, gas pumps or simply a waiting room?  Video monitors offer a great opportunity to promote your company.

• Are you imbedding video into your social media outlets?  Vine, the video-sharing side of Twitter, is extremely popular. Facebook and, most recently, Instagram give you opportunities to share video with a market segment that isn’t watching TV.

Added bonus:  Although search engines are constantly changing their formulas, currently the presence of video in a company’s online communications matrix favors a higher ranking.

It’s time for all of us to assess our marketing strategies.  Are we engaging our clients as optimally as possible?


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