Tips for An Effective Company Facebook Page

December 6, 2012 § Leave a comment


Why is your company on Facebook?  Is it simply because every company has to be these days, or do you make your Facebook page really work for you?

Facebook and other social media have shifted the way marketing is done.  It’s a two-way street – you’re not just sending information at people but engaging them instead.  While Facebook can be used to promote specific products, it’s also a tool for building relationships by educating, entertaining, and interacting. 


Here are a few pointers:

Post on a regular basis.  This needn’t be burdensome – remember, brief is better.

Offer value.  Give fans reason to return – useful information, a responsive ear, a laugh.

Use multiple Facebook features.  Poll fans with a Question to get them involved and learn something about them.  Use Video to share a demonstration or a tip they can use.  Photos might show a product “in action” or give readers a window into life at your company.  Status Updates can not only share news of your company but also show what is important to you by reporting items about your clients, community, and causes.

Respond to comments. Lack of communication ends relationships. 

Don’t avoid negative comments.  Let readers see you replying responsively and respectfully.  If private communication is required, afterward you can still publicly thank the person for giving you the chance to resolve the issue.

• Include your web address on your Facebook page’s “About” section.

• Use your logo as your profile picture, for consistency and brand awareness.

Publicize your Facebook page.  Put a “Like” button and a link to your Facebook page high on your website’s home page.  Add the symbol to your business cards and all ads.  Offer a coupon or other incentive for people to Like you.


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