I Have a Testimony: Creating Compelling Testimonial Ads

January 16, 2012 § Leave a comment

How many of us read customers’ product reviews when we’re shopping online? A company will always put the best spin on its offering, but we want to know from a “real person” if it’s all true.

The client testimonial can be one of the most effective means of engendering the public’s trust in a product or service.

There are some key components of a good testimonial:

• The message should be specific. Hearing about how “wonderful” a company is sounds vague and makes the audience wonder if the individual really has any direct experience with the company.

• The spokesperson must be pleasing. An annoying voice or odd clothing will distract and detract from your message.

• He or she must be relatable. The spokesperson doesn’t have to look or sound like the audience, but does need a quality of commonality with which your target market can identify.

• True stories have a high impact. We have produced advertising for the Eye & Laser Center of Starkville (check them out here on our YouTube channel) utilizing people for whom Lasik or cataract surgery has genuinely improved their qualities of life. We show these individuals engaged in their hobbies and work so the audience can see for themselves that having better vision has enabled them to prosper.

• The spokesperson must be genuine. In the Eye Center commercials, when the speakers express their gratitude to Dr. Jim Brown for improving their lives you can see in their faces that they truly mean what they say.

In this increasingly permission-based advertising culture, being anything but “real” will prevent your message from being heard. A strong testimonial will go a long way toward accomplishing your mission.

What’s your favorite testimonial ad? We’d like to know what you like about it.

– Kathy Kenne, Partner


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