The New ROI

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We in marketing hear it all the time — how do I measure my return on investment? How do I know if my advertising dollars are generating business for me?

Answering that question is tantamount to asking what the ROI is on the receptionist who answers your phone. Only on a rare occasion does that person directly add to the bottom line, but there’s no doubt that having a good receptionist or a bad one affects your business.

Instead, companies should be asking what their return is in terms of contacts made and networks established. This is especially true in our social media age.

The average person is bombarded by over 3,300 advertising messages every day. The new digital generation demands a more permission-
based model, and will not accept a message they feel is shoved at them. Advertising must be more subtle and relationship-oriented. Trying to correlate that to a dollar figure is ludicrous.

Look for new ways to monitor the effectiveness of your advertising. Keep track of how many contacts your social media campaign has netted. Ask people you call on if they are familiar with your company through your advertising program. Schedule a few minutes each day to connect to people via Facebook or LinkedIn.

It may seem paradoxical in an age where we text instead of talking to each other, but building relationships is more vital to ensuring a thriving business than ever before.


What’s in a letter?

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A brand isn’t a logo, identity or a product.  A brand is how the public ultimately perceives you, your product, or your company.  In other words, brands are defined by people, not companies themselves.  However, brands can be shaped by the elements of identity that a company shares with the public — visual representations of the business.

One primary identity element is the logo.  Logo development is crucial, as it will be a tangible element that people will associate with your business.  In addition to a unique name, there are more subtle design elements that play a role in how your logo is comprehended by your target audience.  Type choice can make a huge difference in the types of feelings or emotions that are evoked.  Do you want to portray an image that is: modern, timeless, elegant, or vintage? Fun, playful, or dramatic?  Take a look below at how a simple type choice can convey a company’s personality.

Winter Word Warmup

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Winter Word Warmup
Ah, winter – one of the best excuses in the world to stay curled up on the sofa.  (40 degrees in Mississippi feels colder than 25 degrees in Colorado.  Really.  It’s not the cold, it’s the humidity.…)  This is a great time to bulk up your brain power with a good book or crossword.  Or see how far your vocabulary stretches by matching the words and definitions below.  Some are obscure and others are common; all are related to cold.
1. Anorak
2. Cheimaphobia
3. Chilblain
4. Crevasse
5. Ectotherm
6. Floe
7. Frigorific
8. Glissade
9. Gelid
10. Hibernal
11. Niveous
12. Pogonip
13. Rime
14. Tundra
15. Yeti
A. Of or pertaining to winter
B. Opaque coating of tiny white granular ice particles
C. Extremely cold, icy, frosty
D. Legendary large hairy humanoid creature of the Himalayas
E. Treeless plain in artic and subartic regions
F. Fissure or deep cleft in glacial ice or the earth’s surface
G. Resembling snow, especially in color
H. Hooded jacket
I. Fear of being cold
J. Ice sheet floating on a body of water
K. Causing or producing cold; chilling
L. Inflammatory swelling or sore caused by exposure to cold
M. Controlled glide down a snowy slope
N. Dense winter fog containing ice particles, in western U.S. valleys
O. Cold-blooded animal

[1-H; 2-I; 3-L; 4-F; 5-O; 6-J; 7-K; 8-M; 9-C; 10-A; 11-G; 12-N; 13-B; 14-E; 15-D]

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