Making Every Day Count

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Christmas is over and suddenly it’s time to kick off 2011. With the New Year there will be goals and the typical resolutions we rarely stick with. This morning I was intrigued by sales guru Jeffery Gitomer’s approach on celebrating not only the holidays, but the emotional connect of important days in our lives. With important days, there are important people.

Here’s just a taste of Gitomer’s article, “What day are you celebrating and why?”

January 1st is always a big deal.

It’s a celebration of the new and of being grateful for, thankful for, or washing out the old. It’s a day of celebration, a day of football, a day of hangover recovery, a day of New Year’s resolutions, and a day of your strongest intentions to do more, do less, and do better.

And then there is January 2nd. It’s not as significant as January 1st or February 1st. Or is it?

There are several major (predictable) days of emotion, celebration, and reflection in each year. And there are some special days that pop up like the birth of a child, a monumental sale, or a surprise visit from an old friend or relative (that you were happy to see). . . .

…REALITY: The older you get, the smarter your parents become. If yours are still alive, call them today, and thank them for their wisdom.

What days or holidays create resolve for you? It may be New Year’s Day, a day of life, or a day of death. What emotional spirit can you identify, capture, and harness in order to make a quantum leap and land safely, either in a pile of money, a warm pool of success, or on an island lying back on the beach of fulfillment.

Make your list (check it twice). Take about an hour to think of the most emotional days of your year and what thoughts, expressions, and actions you take as a result of that day. Some of those emotions are so powerful it may cause you to take more than an hour, and may even cause you to cry. The success key is for you to document them.  . . .

Gitomer goes on to discuss how the powerful emotions raised by special people or events might be harnessed to inspire us to act with purpose and determination every day. For the complete story by Jeffrey Gitomer, “What day are you celebrating and why?” click here:

If you get a chance to attend one of Gitomer’s sales seminars, do it!   -Cindy Hodo


Bearing Gifts We Traverse Afar

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After spending all but 3 days of November traveling around the world to six cities and enjoying the hospitality of airports in Charlotte; Atlanta; Brussels; Montpellier, France; Frankfurt, Germany; Jackson, MS; Philadelphia; Phoenix; Albuquerque and Columbus, MS; it occurred to me that it might be helpful at this holiday time to share some up-to-date airline travel tips from one of our favorite clients, Golden Triangle Regional Airport.
In early November TSA adjusted their screening procedures to include new equipment at the larger airports and enhanced “pat down” procedures for those who require additional screening (ye-ha!). At smaller airports the equipment is the same and the pat down procedures affect a smaller number of travelers.
Arrive in plenty of time to go through screening. One hour is enough at small airports, but allow much more time at the larger airports. Download the new TSA app now — My TSA.
Besides the time for security screening, baggage check is cut off 30-45 minutes prior to departure depending on the size of the airport, and the gate closes 10 minutes prior to departure.
Consider booking early morning flights. They normally have a better on-time record, and there are more options if the flights get delayed.
Use the Internet. From ticketing to check-in to checking bags, airlines generally offer reduced rates if you do as much as you can via the Internet.
Pick the right seat. Most airlines allow you to select a seat well in advance, so avoid those middle seats by reserving early. If you have a tight connection get as far forward in the plane as possible so you get off sooner. Check your seat assignment a few days prior to departing. If the airline had to change equipment, they may have reassigned you.
And finally about gifts — don’t wrap them. They may need to be inspected. Take some gift bags and tissue paper and wrap when you arrive.
And one last helpful hint — no snow globes in your carry-on. I don’t know if they are a dangerous weapon or a toxic liquid, but there’s something about them the fine folks at TSA don’t like. Have a safe, and snow globe free Merry Christmas!

Re-Viewing the Situation

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Ad agencies don’t have a monopoly on creativity. Fresh ideas and creative solutions are part of the lifeblood of any business.

We all get stumped for creative ideas sometimes, even the right-brain types around here. It can happen for so many reasons: deadline pressure, blank page syndrome, too many distractions.

One way to deal with the issue is to get a different perspective – physically. Get up and walk around the office. Go outside. Sit at a colleague’s desk. Heck, stand on it like Robin Williams’ character had the kids do in “Dead Poet’s Society.”

The point is, a different angle can force you to consciously notice the surroundings that normally fade into the background because you see them in the same way every day. This simple change in perception can tap a different area of your brain and help shake loose that creative logjam.

Looking through a camera lens can refocus you, too. A couple of weeks ago, headed from Tupelo to Jackson after an event, I was bored by the time I hit Starkville – not even halfway home. The late afternoon sun was lighting up the fall leaves, and my camera was riding shotgun, so I decided to see what I could capture on a high speed setting by just holding it up and clicking (eyes on the road). That launched a photo documentary of Highway 25 in Late Autumn.

Ansel Adams, these shots ain’t. But they transformed a dull drive into an engaging pursuit and compelled me to notice the changing sky, the curve of the road, the play of lights. And I didn’t even mind that the trip took a little longer than usual – some views just required stopping!

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